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Sustainable Society:  A society that balances the environment, other life forms, and human interactions over an indefinite time period.







Author:  Howard T. Odum, 1924 - Sept. 11, 2002

BS Zoology (Phi Beta Kappa) University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.1948.
PhD. Zoology, Yale, 1951

Known for his work in Emergy and energy flows in ecosystems and economics, aquatic and estuarine research, professionally and non-vocationally an avid birder.

Frequently collaborated in research with his brother Eugene P. (September 17, 1913 - August 2002). Eugene Odum was either known as the “Father of Modern Ecology” or as the “Pioneer of Ecosystem Science”.

Howard Odum was Graduate Research Professor Emeritus at the University of Florida, Director of its Center for Environmental Policy, and founded The Center for Wetlands at the University of Florida in 1973.

15 books, 300 papers.

Environmental Accounting: Emergy and environmental decision making
Howard T. Odum; John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, 1996. 370 pages,
ISBN 0-471-11442-1

The Prosperous Way Down: Principles and Policies.
Howard T. Odum, Elisabeth C. Odum
University of Colorado Press. May, 2001. 346 pages.
ISBN 0-87081-610-1

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