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The Environmental Movement’s Retreat From Advocating U.S. Population Stabilization (1970-1998):
A First Draft of History

Roy Beck and Leon Kolankiewicz

June 2001

"Comprehensive Text"

   Population Issues and the 1970-Era Environmental Movement
   The Missing Issue in 1998 Environmental Journalism
   Reviewing the Rejected "Foundational Formula" of 1970-Era Environmentalism


Cause #1: U.S. Fertility Dropped Below Replacement-Level Rate in 1972
   Cause #2: Abortion and Contraceptive Politics Created Organized Opposition
   Cause #3: Emergence of Women’s Issues as
     Priority Concern of Population Groups
   Cause #4: Schism between the Conservationist and
      New-Left Roots of the Movement
   Cause #5: Immigration —Protected by ‘Political Correctness’—
      Became the Chief Cause of U.S. Growth

Explanations I:

   Fear that immigration reduction would alienate "progressive" allies and
      be seen as racially insensitive
   The transformation of population and environment into global issues
      needing global solutions

Explanations II:
   Influence of human rights organizations Triumph of ethics of globalism
      over ethics of nationalism/internationalism
   Fear of demographic trends

Explanations III:
The power of money

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