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Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCA)

The BWCA is northern Minnesota's greatest natural treasure and one of the most wonderful of all wilderness parks in the nation's system of natural areas.

Minnesota is a state known for its natural areas —with the BWCA heading the list. Adjacent to the BWCA on its western border is Voyageurs National Park. Two beautiful water based natural areas, yet the differences are staggering: the commercialization of the VNP lies in contrast to the thriving wilderness experience of the BWCA.

Nevertheless, the BWCA is the most visited wilderness area in the country; too few realize the difficulties involved in its establishment nor the tensions existing today.

The solitude and wilderness character of the BWCA is under nearly continuous threat: the template for some is the Voyageurs National Park.

This section presents materials related to the BWCA including —because of its relevance today— much of the testimony from the 1995 "Oberstar" Congressional Hearings regarding HR-1310 and its potential effects on the wilderness characteristics of the BWCA.

In no small measure, this section is a fond tribute to the late Rep. Bruce Vento, a champion of champions for the Boundary Waters, to Superior National Forest ecologist Miron L. Heinselman who dedicated his life to establishing the BWCA, and to Kevin Proescholdt who wrote and fought tirelessly to preserve it.

Congressman Bruce Vento Tribute
1964 Wilderness Enabling Legislation
Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Act of 1978
Boundary Waters 1979 Act Amendments
HR-1990 Legislation June 1995
HR-3470 Minnesota National Treasures Conservation and Protection Act
BWCA Blowdown Growth Patterns
Reporting BWCAW Violation and Inappropriate Use Form
The International Joint Commission
HR-1207 Revising the Master Plan of Voyageurs National Park
HR-1310 Information & Testimony
Voyageurs National Park Revitalization Act of 1995
HR-3297 BWCA Legislation April 1966

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