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CUSP 108th-1st Session

Congressional Environmental Scorecard



(Party District)
Sen. Coleman (R)/1 12 22 14 0   67 79 21
Sen. Dayton (D)/1 70 78 33 100   85 7 79
Gutknecht (R-1)/5 35 5 100 0 2000 35 20 5
Kennedy, M. (R-6)/1 22 26 40 0   27   25
Kline (R-2)/1 28 5 80 0 2002     5
McCollum (D-4)/2 65 95* 0 100* 2002   65 95
Oberstar (D-8)/15 31 68* 0 25 2000 32 48 65
Peterson, C. (D-7)/7 27 21 60 0 1996 31 29 20
Ramstad (R-3)/7 75 74* 100 50 2002 61 69 75
Sabo (D-5)/13 65 95 0 100   62 77 95

All scored 0 — 100



Congressmember (Party-District)/Term

Immigration (IMM)
= member, House Immigration Caucus. (71 members as of June 14, 2004).

National Political Awareness Test (NPAT)

Year of response to Vote Smart National Political Awareness Test (NPAT). A Member deserves credit for taking this public test when running for office. Unfortunately, most Members do not respond. Note: a small number of NPAT responses were made when the Member was running for Governor ("Gvnr") or State Legislator ("St")

NPAT multiple choice questionnaire responses are on the Web at: vote-smart.org or by calling 1-888/VOTE SMART. Questions vary from year to year. CUSP credits a Member for best environmental answers or comments.

* = Member marked best NPAT answer in most recent reply.The Member’s other answers are ignored. Note that in some cases the Member’s vote score belies his/her good public statement made when running for election!

Best NPAT answers are:

In C/C/P column (NPAT "Environment"): "strengthen the regulations and enforcement of the Clean Water Act & Clean Air Act" (or one of these in years when only one is listed) and/or "revise the 1872 mining law."

In Immigration column (NPAT "Immigration") "decrease the number of immigrants allowed into the country." [Polls show that a large majority of Americans favor this, yet only Senators Durbin (D-IL) in 1998 and Reid (D-NV) in 2002, and fifteen House members ever gave this best NPAT answer. This is a prime example of corruption of democratic government at the highest level.] (Note: No immigration category was listed in the 1992 and 1994 NPAT.)

In Natural Increase column (NPAT "Abortion"):
(2004) Abortion should be available "…in all circumstances as long as the procedure is done in the first trimester of the pregnancy. "
(2002) "Should be legal in all circumstances".
(1996) "should always be legal", or a like statement.
(1994) "…should always be legally available."

League of Conservation Voters (LCV C108 — 1 Scores from LCV National Environmental Scorecard 2003, dated February 2004, on the Web at www.lcv.org. LCV and C/C/P choice of votes differ by only one vote out of 19 Senate and 20 House votes scored by LCV. That vote for International Family Planning, omitted in scoring C/C/P, is included in scoring Natural Increase.

[MFS note: also see Minnesota delegation immigration voting records here.]
* Used with permission of CUSP.
Please see original at  < http://www.uscongress-enviroscore.org/scoreframes.html >.


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