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Sustainable Society:  A society that balances the environment, other life forms, and human interactions over an indefinite time period.







Energy: the ability to do work

Energy is the essence of the I = PAT formula.

Development and use of energy involves land, air, water and all human societies.

This section deals primarily with energy resources, including alternative energies.

Regarding energy supply, there are two opposing schools of thinking:

  1. Energy resources are either not a problem or that there are ample resources to continue until technology provides substitutes. The status quo growth model.
  2. Energy resources are in decline and patterns of energy use and culture must accommodate the decline.

With emphasis on position #2, papers representing both schools of thought are included.

The MFS position is that position #1 is not sustainable, more imagination than science, and that position #2 is the conservative risk averse approach.

Denver Oil & Gas Conference 2005
USA's Triple Energy Whammy
Forgotten Fundamentals of the Energy Crisis, Part I
Forgotten Fundamentals of the Energy Crisis, Part II
Oil & Gas Resources FactSheet
Pricing Resources
Odum: Energy, Ecology, & Economics, 1974
H. Odum: 20 Energy Perspectives
Energy & Economic Myths
President Carter's Proposed U.S. Energy Policy
Energy in the United States: 1635 - 2000
Eating Fossil Fuels
Oil Energy
Natural Gas Energy
Coal Energy
Peak Oil/Gas Meetings
Nuclear Energy
Alternative Energynew
Energy, the Environment & U.S. Population Growth
Minnesota's Energy Future: Table of Contents
Running in Place: Immigration and the Energy Crisis
California, Energy & Population Growth
J Simon & Perilous Optimism

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