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Rep. Tom Tancredo’s Four-Point Plan for Immigration Control*

1. Secure our Nation’s Borders
2. Establish a Genuine Guest Worker Program
3. Improve “Interior Enforcement” of Immigration Laws
4. Remove Incentives for Illegal Immigration

The United States has lost control over its immigration policy. Over one million persons enter our nation illegally each year and we have antiquated and error-prone systems for knowing who our legal visitors are and for enforcing their visa time limits. Every poll shows that over 75% of citizens support border security and strict enforcement of our immigration laws. They want our immigration policies fixed. Here is my four-point plan for achieving control of our borders and enforcing sensible immigration policies.

1. Secure our Nation’s Borders

  • Increase Border Patrol manpower from the present 11,500 to 20,000 (HR 3534).
  • Use the U.S. Military until the Border Patrol reaches that manpower level (HR 277).
  • Accelerate the use of new technology and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to identify and help apprehend smugglers and trespassers.
  • Double the capacity of the detention centers for apprehended trespassers.
  • End the “catch and release” policy by instituting fines and jail time for repeat offenders.
  • Require stiff prison sentences for convicted “coyotes” and felons who return to the U.S. after deportation.
  • Accelerate the implementation of the “USVISIT” biometric identifier program for all foreign nationals entering the country through our ports of entry.

2. Establish a Genuine Guest Worker Program

  • Enact a genuine Guest Worker Bill (HR 3534) to allow any foreign national to enter the US legally to work for up to one year in a job that cannot be filled by a citizen.
  • Require employers to advertise all jobs on an internet bulletin board and for two weeks before hiring a Guest Worker.
  • Require illegal aliens already in the U.S. to first return home and apply for jobs through the legal processes.

3. Improve “Interior Enforcement” of Immigration Laws

  • Provide adequate resources to the “Detention and Removal” branch of the Bureau of Customs and Immigration Enforcement (BICE) to allow apprehension and removal of all criminal aliens.
  • Enact the “CLEAR” Act (HR 2671) to give local law enforcement incentives and reimbursements for participating in immigration law enforcement.
  • Establish stiff fines and tax penalties for employers who violate the law by hiring illegal aliens, and devote adequate resources to identify and prosecute those employers.

4. Remove Incentives for Illegal Immigration

  • Employers who hire illegal aliens should face stiff fines and tax penalties (see#2 above).
  • Federal and State agencies should be prohibited from recognizing the Mexican Government’s “Matricula Consular” ID card.
  • States that grant driver’s licenses to illegal aliens should suffer loss of federal highway funds.
  • Children born to illegal aliens should not be given citizenship status (HR 1567).
  • Federal court rulings and other policies that require health and educational services to illegal aliens should be overturned.
  • Amend Social Security Act to deny credits for wages earned in illegal employment or to self-employed engaged in illegal activities (HR 1631).
  • Insist that the Government of Mexico extradite felony criminals who retreat into Mexico.
  • Encourage the Government of Mexico to repeal its Dual Citizenship law.

MFS note: Congressman Tancredo has written a book, "Open Borders, Open Wounds: What America Needs to Know about Illegal Immigration". A book report is available here.

* See original at Rep. Tancredo's website < http://www.house.gov/tancredo/Immigration/ >.


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