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Sign The Petition To Stop Immigration Now!

This petition will be presented to various leaders and decision makers in Washington D.C. Let your voice be heard!

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I want to send a very strong message to America's leaders on the issue of immigration (We encourage you to read the informative options below.)
Stop Immigration Now - Stop all immigration now, legal or illegal, during this time of war. Our national security depends on it. We must rethink our entire immigration policy, and this will take time. The systems and safeguards needed to guarantee secure borders are years away. The INS will then have the resources to more effectively track business travelers and tourists, track down the 9 million illegal aliens within our borders, and fix its systemic problems.
Stop illegal immigration now - Deport ALL 9 million illegal aliens, not just the ones that commit violent felonies, and stop the 500,000 additional illegals that enter the USA each year. Zero tolerance for illegal immigration.
Stop legal immigration Now - The 1990s was the biggest period of population explosion in America's history (almost 100% due to immigration) - bigger than either the baby boom or the immigration wave of the early 1900s. Letting over 1,000,000 more legal immigrants come to America each year in a period of rising unemployment is ridiculous. Let's take a break, and absorb the 30 million new citizens we already have.
Deport immigrant criminals - Deport legal residents and green card holders if they commit violent felony crimes or deal drugs. America is not the world's prison colony.
Eliminate chain migration - When one working family member becomes a naturalized citizen, they can bring all of their relatives over - often at a very high cost to US taxpayers in terms of social and governmental services. 60% of current legal immigration is 'chain migration'.
End H-1B (high tech) visas - Too many Americans are out of work, and we need the good paying jobs.
End political asylum immigration - Should people who can't fix their own country be given a free pass to our open and democratic society?
Eliminate governmental social services for illegal aliens - Law breakers should not be rewarded. The lure of social services only encourages more impoverished people to come here. Its just common sense.
Eliminate governmental social services for legal aliens - We should take care of poor Americans first. There are 6 billion people in the world, and we just can't put the entire planet on food stamps.
Defend our borders - America sent 500,000 troops to defend the borders of Kuwait in 1990. We should be able to spare some troops to defend our own borders now. One terrorist with one nuke is one too many.
Eliminate amnesty for illegal aliens - Also known as the 245(i) provision, these amnesty efforts let illegal aliens cut to the front of the immigration line, bypassing those who apply through the legal process. They only encourage more people to enter America illegally, thus subverting the laws enacted by the will of the people.
End student visas - This is a primary loophole for illegal aliens and terrorists. Lower student demand for US colleges will lower the cost of education for American kids as universities will be forced to compete in a tighter market. American kids will also be able to get into a better school. Our kids should come first. Most universities are subsidized by our tax dollars. Do we expect other nations to educate our kids?
Better green card management - Green cards should be issued for specific jobs, and for shorter periods (currently good for 10 years). When the job is over, or the period over, the card should expire. If a legal immigrant wants to change jobs or move, they should have to reapply for a green card, and update their information with the INS.
End green card fraud - Send home green card holders who are no longer working in America. These cards are for people who are here to work. If you are no longer working here, you no longer need to be here. This is the policy of many other western nations. One European country requires work visas to be renewed every 14 days!
At the very least, we should reduce immigration to the US historical average of around 200,000 per year - This would be 14% of the current 1.5 million per year level (about 1 million legal and 500,000 illegal immigrants per year). Not limiting immigration will drastically change the character and culture of America within our lifetime. We have a great culture and should protect it. Immigration levels should encourage assimilation, not balkanization. Many Americans are proud of our immigration tradition. So let's keep the numbers at traditional levels.
Require immigrants to learn English - Require all immigrants and current legal residents to learn and use English as well as learn about America's great history and culture. A divided America is a weakened America. Immigrants and their children benefit the most when they assimilate themselves in American culture, language, ideas, and history. America is one of the few nations on earth where this is truly possible. Immigrants can still retain key elements of their own heritage while doing this, and ultimately make America stronger. (For example, Italian Americans have their own culture, but they are also patriotic Americans who speak English and are a part of American society)
Require our government to use English as the official language - There are too many languages in the world to accommodate everyone. It is just silly to try. A common language is essential for a united America. We have enough problems with race and ethnicity as it is. Let's not make it worse by encouraging division.


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