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[MFS note: The toll-free national Department of Homeland Security hotline number to report illegal alien and related suspicious activity is 1-866-DHS-2ICE (1-866-347-2423). The U.S. Border Control can be reached at 1-877-USBP-HELP (1-877-8727-4357. The name of the INS replacement is the Federal Bureau of Immigration Customs Enforcement (FBICE)]


Contacting Authorities

How To Report Illegal Aliens*


Juan Mann
November 23, 2002


With all this hoopla about homeland security1, why isn’t there a "Terrorism Information and Prevention System"2 that Americans can really use? Why not start reporting illegal aliens and criminal alien residents?

Illegal aliens are technically subject to deportation at any time. Their very presence violates federal law3. Lawful permanent resident aliens–that is, anyone with a "green card"—can become deportable if they are convicted of certain crimes. These criminal alien residents can lose their permanent resident status and be deported right along with the illegal aliens and non-immigrant visa overstayers4 —if the proper authorities knew about them.

The Immigration and Naturalization Service5 is the proper authority to whom to report the presence of 1) illegal aliens, 2) non-immigrant visa violators and 3) green card holders who have been convicted of crimes.

Contact your local INS office and ask for the Investigations Division or the "Enforcement Office." If you cannot speak with an INS Special Agent from the Investigations Division, ask to speak to a Deportation Officer from the Detention and Removal unit. Make a report over the phone or go in person. Officers in the Investigations Division are obligated by law to make a written record of your report.

If you live in a border area –—roughly, within 50 miles of the border— you also have the option of contacting the nearest U.S. Border Patrol field office6 to report the presence of illegal aliens. You can call or go in person. If there is no Border Patrol7 station listed nearby, contact the nearest Border Patrol Sector Office to find out if there is a local sub-station that is not listed on the web site. The group U.S. Border Control8 also lists additional contact numbers.

Illegal aliens and criminal alien residents might be up to some type of fraud9 against the Social Security system too, since false documents10 are a way of life11. The Office of Inspector General of the Social Security Administration12 operates a fraud hotline for reporting misuse of social security cards and false statements on claims –whether by employers or employees. Prosecuting Social Security fraud has been used successfully13 to tie-up terrorist suspects, even if they are not illegal aliens. Report criminal violators to the FBI14 for prosecution by the U.S. Attorney.15

Though it has been accused of giving cover to illegal aliens16 through tax ID numbers, the Internal Revenue Service17 also accepts citizen reports on general tax fraud including "earned income tax credit" abuse. The IRS’ criminal investigation division18 handles employment tax fraud reports.

The Department of Health and Human Services19 maintains a hotline for reporting Medicare or Medicaid20 fraud, child non-support, AFDC fraud, and abuse of related programs.21

Also, believe it or not, all male illegal aliens (as well as male permanent resident aliens, ages 18 through 25) must register with the Selective Service System.22 If they do not register, they can be prosecuted for a felony and fined up to $250,000 and/or be put in jail for up to five years. They also may not then be eligible for U.S. citizenship.23 And there are state penalties24 for failing to register. Selective Service registration is conveniently available in Spanish25. Report draft registration violators to the FBI26 for prosecution by the U.S. Attorney.27

What will the INS actually do when you call?

It will take the information down, as it is legally obligated to do....and probably not much else. It may get interested in a criminal alien, an alien that’s the subject of some other type of investigation - for example an Arab terrorist, an alien smuggler - or an alien who has been deported before. Non-criminal aliens might be sent a letter by the INS Deportation section, saying, in effect "Dear Mr. Alien, you have been already ordered removed by an immigration judge, or we know you have overstayed your status, please come in to the INS office to be deported, bring one bag." (These are known as "run letters," for obvious reasons.) But even this doesn’t always happen.

Your report will be on record. The government will know about it –and will know we (VDARE) know it knows about it. The Chinese say a journey of a thousand miles must start with one step. Americans can start regaining control of their borders —and of their nation’s destiny— with one phone call.

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