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Dell Erickson*
February 17, 2006

Part II of III
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Part II
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Public Opinion: Stop Immigration


   Figure 1: Public Opinion on Illegal Immigration as a Problem


   Figure 2: Snoozing America




   Figure 3: Behead the Infidels


Population and Demographic Trends: Demography is Destiny


   Figure 4: U.S. Population Projections to 2100


   Figure 5: Minnesota Population 1850 - 2150


   Figure 6: United States & World Population through History, 1900 To 2020


Demography Is Destiny: Loss of Political Representation


“Hispanics Now Elect the President” 13
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   Figure 7: U.S. Hispanic Population by County


   Figure 8: Mexican Flag over Mt. Suribachi


Los Angeles: “Capital of Aztlán” 16

   Figure 9: República Del Norte 2080


   Figure 10: MEChA Symbol


Minneapolis – St. Paul, the New Axochiapan!


   The Mosaic: Matricula Counselor Offices, “Clues”, Isaiah, Startribune, et al. 18

    Figure 11: Los Angeles, Mexico


Mexico Is Here Now: Allyn & Co. PR vs. the U.S.


   Figure 12: Guia del Migrante Mexicano


   Figure 13: Minutemen Want You!


Framing the Agenda: Process, Organizations & Foundations


   Delphi Technique 23

Are Mexico and Vicente Fox Quesada Racists?


   Figure 14: Mexican Stamp


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Viva La Migra! - Viva Repatriation! 25

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   Immigration: Losing Jobs Increasing Poverty


   Remittances: Losing Jobs


   Underground Economy: Losing More Jobs


   Black Americans Riot, Leaders Silent


   Legal Workers Successfully Prosecute Employers


   Housing and the Poor


Health Care


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   Leprosy (Hansen's disease)


   Rare Diseases Now Frequent




   Teachers at Risk


   Cost Increases Solely due to Legal and Illegal Immigration


   The Dumbing Down of our Schools


Crime & Sanctuary Cities: Minneapolis & St. Paul


   Figure 16a,b: MS-13 at Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis


Security Issues (Briefly)






Voting Records of the Minnesota Federal Delegation and Environmental Organizations


What Needs To Done?





Eventually, we are going to take over all political institutions of California.
Mario Obledo, co-founder of MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund), 1998

Figure 7: U.S. Hispanic Population by County


In the end, an immigration invasion works its way through a democratic republic by controlling the form of the Republic. In the end, it can change the actual configuration of its cities, counties or the states. The name given to this immigration created occupation is Reconquista!26

“Reconquista” is the name given to the “Aztlán Plan”, the retaking by Mexico of the seven Southwestern states, the “Aztlán or “Northern Territory”.

Graph: Census 2000

Figure 7 illustrates the number and locations of Hispanics in the U.S. at the year 2000. To the dark areas (red) must be added the illegal aliens not counted, now in the twenty million range. Compare Figure 4 with Figure 7 and the conclusion is ominous. Add the illegal aliens now here and arriving daily with the upper U.S. and Minnesota population projection trendlines in Figures 4 and 5 and one will undoubtedly understand the consequence of existing immigration policies and practices. Mexico’s President Vicente Fox Quesada (his given name) refers to the Western U.S. as the “Northern Territory”. His predecessor, President Ernesto Zedillo said, “the Mexican nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders and that Mexican migrants are an important, a very important part of it.”27 According to the University of New Mexico Chicano Studies program, “Estudiantes Contemporáneos del Norte is Dedicated to the Chicanos del Norte in the hope of recovering their lost sovereignty and assuming their place among the independent nations of the world.”28



Reconquista mocks America and the U.S. Marines by planting the Mexican Flag over Mt. Suribachi as the U.S. Marines did during WW II. Hispanics use the scene to illustrate the loss of a country, the United States of America, without a shot fired.

Figure 8: Mexican Flag
over Mt. Suribachi

Picture : La Voz de Aztlán

The population projections discussed previously, Figures 4 and 5 —frightening as they are— substantially understate the demographic sweep now underway. Note the U.S. cities in Figure 9 projected to have hundred of thousands or millions of Hispanics. As the Minnesota cost study can only hint, this includes millions in Minnesota (as shown in the Minnesota population graph) and fifteen million in the city of Chicago, an American city becoming dominated by Hispanics almost equal to Mexico City today!

Los Angeles: “Capital of Aztlán”

La Voz de Aztlán (the voice of Aztlán) writes,

Mexican American activists reject assimilation, insist on bilingualism and multiculturalism, and lay claim to Southwest America as belonging to Mexico! Wave after wave of illegals push inexorably into the United States and find refuge in Spanish ghettos. Many Mexican American politicians and activists claim to speak for these new immigrants. Their message is not pushing assimilation but rather the protection of Spanish language and culture and the theme that the Southwest United States belongs to the descendants of Mexicans who lost the war of 1848.

Thus, Rodolfo Acuña's Occupied America claims the Southwest for Mexicans. Chicano activists (Chicanismo) push not only for civil rights for illegal Mexicans but also for the return (reconquista) of the lost provinces to form Aztlán. Chicanismo demands Spanish language and culture education, not English or American cultural schooling. The Movimiento Estudiante Chicano de Aztlán (MEChA) in 1970 formed a political party, La Raza Unida [La Raza, the race], won control of Crystal City, Texas, and tried to make it into a Chicano city.

Chicano leaders have been courted by the Democratic Party and appear to have a bright future there. Add the newly made Spanish-speaking citizens of 1996 to Chicano activists and Latino politicians, and the situation becomes explosive. For example, 30 percent of the population of California is Latino; by 2000, the number will be 40 percent.29

The following map a vivid representation of the envisioned “República del Norte” (Northern Republic), “Aztlán”, is from the University of New Mexico.

Figure 9: República Del Norte 2080

(Please click image to enlarge)
Estudiantes Contemporáneos del Norte. See < >.

MEChA survives in dozens of Chicano studies programs in the western United States. According to Scott McConnell writing in the National Review, “MEChA accused the ‘Republican Party of being made up of racist/fascist European settlers’. The virulent, anti-white high school textbook, Five Hundred Years of Chicano History in Pictures, boasts of Chicano ‘resistance to being colonized and absorbed by racist empire builders.’”30 La Raza has a unit on the campus of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.

Figure 10: MEChA Symbol
Picture: La Voz de Aztlán

Hispanics promoting their “civil rights” movement in Denver were transparent in their contempt for Americans. They flew the Mexican flag in St. Josephs Church while the American flag was underfoot in a new version of the Mexican Hat Dance.31

Minneapolis – St. Paul, the New Axochiapan!

The Mexican city of Axochiapan has illegally moved from Mexico to Minnesota, concentrated in Minneapolis.32

The Mosaic: Matricula Consular Offices, “Clues”, Isaiah, Startribune, et al.

The cultural and ethnic transition now well underway in the southwestern states and heading into the heartland implies Minnesotans will soon hear such statements as Los Angeles, Alta California; El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora La Reina de Los Angeles; Los Angeles Today, Alta California Tomorrow; God Bless Aztlán! And, Minneapolis the New Axochiapan! Discussed previously, Los Angeles is the proposed capitol city of the country (Aztlán) that many Hispanics want carved out of the United States from Utah to the southern borders.

Figure 11: Los Angeles, Mexico

Photo: Investors Business Daily

Is today’s Mexico City the vision Congress and the Minnesota Legislature has in mind for its citizens? Several areas in St. Paul and East Lake Street in Minneapolis already look like a foreign land such as Tijuana.

The population charts in the opening section and statements like the above should bring to mind the question central to Minnesota and United States immigration, “is today's Southern California the vision Minnesota legislators promise today’s children and tomorrow’s Americans and Minnesota citizens?” There can be no doubt that the Southern California of today is the picture of the future Minnesota unless state population and immigration policies are not quickly changed.

Mexico’s Matricula Consular Offices are one of the primary organizations promoting legal and illegal immigration with the goal of removing distinctions between American citizens and Mexican nationals. In short, Mexican Consular offices literally are “invasion stations”. Please note Figure 12.

Mexico Is Here Now:  Allyn & Co. PR vs. the U.S.

“This is our land, not Mexico’s. It's high time we told that to our own leaders and especially to the government of Mexico.”
Tom DeWeese, May 31, 200533

The number of Hispanic advocacy groups mirrors the illegal and illegal immigrant numbers, as well as religious organizations and financial powerhouses sustaining and profiting from them. Indeed, President George Bush in order to help pass the administration’s “guest worker”, amnesty program, formed an association of business interests with dues ranging from $50,000 to $250,000.34 None of the states, major foundations, charities, or corporations fund organizations advocating U.S. population stabilization or immigration reform.

The U.S. unlimited immigration campaign is one of the largest lobby and marketing groups in the world. It is funded by wealthy individuals such as immigrant George Soros ($300 million), billion dollar corporations and foundations, and the federal and state governments. Seldom in U.S. history have citizens been so manipulated and disenfranchised by their government and businesses. This paper addresses the Minnesota and U.S.; however, what is said applies equally to Canada and Australia. Other than a single organization, the relatively small Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), all organizations formed in response to out of control immigration and the censored immigration media are small. U.S. population or immigration reduction organizations are often started by a single individual or small group of friends using personal financial resources. They grow rapidly when the public learns of them and are effective because they are aligned with 80% or more of Americans’ immigration positions.

Possibly a product of Allyn & Company, is an unheard of tactic increasing illegal alien flows over the U.S.-Mexican border. Mexico’s Foreign Ministry in December of 2004 published a 32 page comic-like book, “The Guide for the Mexican Migrant.” Note in the picture that illegal aliens are directed to the Mexican Consulate offices in the U.S. More than 1.5 million copies of “Guia del Migrante” have been distributed along the U.S. border.

Figure 12: Guia del Migrante Mexicano
(Click to enlarge)

Reconquista is sponsored by the Mexican government and allowed, if not encouraged by some states and the federal government. The “Guia del Migrante” booklet is literally a guide on how to cross the U.S. border illegally and live inconspicuously in the U.S. —and Minnesota. Arizona is the most traveled illegal alien corridor with 577,000 apprehended in 2005. Mexico’s Human Rights Commission and Tucson, Arizona’s Humane Borders group recently issued maps showing the best routes over the border mountains and roads, railroads, cities (and water tanks marked with blue flags placed by their associates). Maps showing cellular telephone coverage are to follow. The Mexican Human Rights Commission published and distributed 70,000 maps thus far. Mexico’s southeastern state of Yucatán has also published its own guide of routes through the desert.35

The CLUES office is in St. Paul (Chicanos Latinos Unidos En Servicio). Housed within is the Consulate of Mexico, Mexico’s 46th Matricula Consular Office. Hidden from public view, with funding assistance compliments of the Minnesota legislature, last year the office building was reconditioned —in some measure to provide quality leased space to the Mexican Consulate. The CLUES  building renovation and other tactics now implemented are likely a part of a much bigger strategy. Literally, it is a price paid by Minnesotans for illegal immigration not considered in the state illegal alien costs study.

The function of the Consular Offices is to promote the interests and people of Mexico in this country, specifically the sham Matricula ID card for illegal aliens. It gets worse. Now a dozen Central American and Caribbean nations will office within the (now) 48 Mexican Consular Offices. Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic will have personnel stationed in the U.S. One expects them to be involved in the same activities the Mexican offices perform —including encouraging illegal aliens and related public relations programs.36

No other nation has tolerated a standing foreign government presence throughout its territory. And, as President Bush encouraged, Mexican troops crossed our Texas border to deliver American made food in an American city to a relatively small group of Americans temporarily displaced by a hurricane. This is the first time any foreign nation publicly acknowledged soldiers setting foot on American soil.

However, the situation is dangerously more serious. According to the Department of Homeland Security (Office of National Drug Control Policy), the Mexican military has crossed into the United States 217 times since 1996. The military infiltrations are to protect and assist drug and human smugglers entering the United States. Although not reported nationally, Arizona’s Daily Bulletin reported last year that Border Patrol agents for several years have had sightings and confrontations with the Mexican military inside the United States. “We’ve had armed showdowns with the Mexican army … these are Mexican army officials assisting drug smugglers,” states Sara Carter of the Bulletin. She cites one especially telling incident in 2000. More than sixteen Mexican soldiers were arrested by border agents after firing on U.S. Border Patrol Agents. The U.S. State Department forced the border agents to release the soldiers and return them to Mexico. In what amounts to theater, Mexico denies any incursions and suggests it is drug and human smugglers using fake uniforms and military camouflage on their vehicles.37 The incursions now number 231 with the February 2, 2006 event of the Mexican Army flying in a helicopter, landing, and holding an American rancher at gunpoint in the backyard. “I mean, these guys had loaded weapons, cocked (and) aimed at me” states a frightened Texan, R.D. Ayers. Top Mexican officials deny the incident. Ayer’s concern mirrors that of most Americans: “My biggest concern in all this … is that our President says we’re in the middle of a terrorist war. And our government says they’ve got some kind of control on (the border). These people can come across so easy it’s pathetic.” A letter writer responding to the news article said, “our volunteers could see three of the men carrying AK-47 rifles, and the fourth carrying a scoped sniper rifle. They were what we termed in the Army a ‘Scout/Sniper Team’, and they were looking for a target of opportunity around our home in the dead of night. Make no mistake, this is a war. It is a quiet, low-intensity war against an organized cross-border insurgency, but it is still no less a war.” 38


“The difference is that right now that war is being fought by private U.S. Citizens [referring to the Minuteman Project], who live and work in the war zone that our southern border has turned into.”39

Figure 13: Minutemen Want You!

Minuteman Logo Courtesy of the Minuteman Project

Another episode of eight Mexican soldiers 500 yards into Arizona was filmed by The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. Apparently the soldiers were the lead patrol of a larger group escorting drug smugglers. When Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge was sent the film, his office failed to acknowledge a clear example of government malfeasance.40 Apparently, the film and other reports can no longer be ignored. House Armed Service Chairman Duncan Hunter and House Rules Chairman David Dreier have submitted a letter to Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Sensenbrenner requesting a Congressional investigation. The Chairmen also submitted a letter to DHS Secretary Chertoff requesting documents identifying the incursions by Mexico’s military over the past 10 years.41 Arizona Senator Jon Kyl and Texas Senator John Cornyn intend to hold hearings on Mexican military incursions starting March 1.

Evidently, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps has created a great deal of anxiety in the immigration industry. A chilling instance is that La Voz De Aztlán has joined with MS-13 in declaring what appears to be war on The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. A March 1, 2005 La Voz De Aztlán newsletter stated, “Los Angeles, Alta California —It looks like there is going to be a ‘showdown at OK corral’ on April 1st in Tombstone, Arizona. A high level leader of the Mara Salvatruchas, Ebner Anivel Rivera-Paz, has issued orders from federal prison to members of his extremely violent organization to teach the Minutemen vigilantes a lesson they will never forget”. La Voz De Aztlán then says, the Minutemen may be in for a big surprise … (because) the Mara Salvatruchas are known to cut the “testicles” of their enemies and feed them to their vicious dogs. Other times they have cut the heads off their opponents to play football soccer with them.42

The Consulates are not innocent embassies. Working in league with Mexico and the immigration industry, Consular Offices are fronts for all programs promoting unlimited legal and illegal immigration. The goal is the elimination of all distinctions between U.S. citizens and non-citizens, including illegal aliens. Driver’s licenses, voting “rights”, in-state tuition, bank accounts, and government loans for illegal aliens are unambiguous examples. It would not be surprising to learn that the misleading language of the bill to provide illegal aliens education benefits was crafted by a PR program. The cleverly misnamed “Dream Act” providing illegal aliens education benefits is a nightmare for Americans and American schoolchildren.

California’s Mexican Consular Offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, and Sacramento, have set up free 24 hours a day legal services with a telephone hot line called “Jurimex”. Likely all Mexican Consular Offices —St. Paul, MN— will provide legal services. Their primary function is to assist illegal aliens with legal assistance regarding immigration status, labor law, family law, and civil and criminal matters. Agustin Pradillo of the San Francisco consulate describes it as “a 911 for Mexicans.” They also receive free follow-up meetings and the local consulate will continue to ensure the illegal alien has adequate representation. The Los Angeles firm of Moreno, Becerra and Casillas is currently providing legal services —no doubt in some large measure taxpayer funded.43

In response to the rapidly upwelling of public resentment, the Mexican government recently implemented a public relations program in an attempt to quiet or silence American citizens. Mexico hired its friend the public relations firm, Allyn & Company, (Dallas, TX) to promote Mexico and its interests throughout the United States and Minnesota. No doubt, the Allyn media campaign reached the highest national levels. The firm is now owned by international media conglomerate Fleishman-Hillard.44 Saddam Hussein should be so smart! Recently they took out ads urging Mexican workers, legal and not, to claim “my rights are being violated”. A series of radio announcements were also directed to Mexican nationals returning home over the 2005 Christmas and New Years holiday period. Yet another set of commercials were broadcast intending to organize their followers to block the newly passed border plans in HR-4437.45

An alarming example of how far Hispanic activists will go to achieve their ends was evident in a recent episode in California. Immigration reform activist Terry Graham was physically assaulted by a Hispanic activist at an immigration conference. In response she filed a lawsuit and wrote about what she sees as Hispanic immigrationists co-opting Black history, the Civil Rights Movement, and now “Mexicanizing Martin Luther King Day”. Graham writes, their campaign is to “hijack Black history and its icons, portraying themselves as long-suffering victims.” She cites two clear examples. First, Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” was twisted into the “DREAM Act”, intended for illegal aliens to get in-state college tuition (surely at the expense of Black and other disadvantaged American students). Second, attempting to defraud the 1960s civil rights movement’s important “Freedom Ride”, the immigration industry’s recent, “Immigrants Freedom Ride” was heavily attended by Mexican illegal aliens to demand their “rights”.46

Rob Allyn oversaw the PR program behind George W. Bush’s successful campaign against Ann Richards for Texas governor in 1994 and along with three Mexican governors, Vicente Fox Quesada’s successful run for President of Mexico.47 In the Fox campaign, Allyn did it all in secret for three years, clandestinely designing Fox’s campaign commercials —even his wardrobe. Reminding one of Agent 007, he made numerous trips to Mexico using false names. Very clever, Allyn & Company used a separate political consulting firm that set up yet another firm to conduct their operations. Probably with very deep financial resources from Mexico and the immigration industry, the PR firm will use the Mexican Consulate offices and immigration industry to do everything they can do to pass legislation acceptable to Mexico and to squash U.S. citizen discontent.48

Either fully aware of the PR program or innocent dupes, media such as the Minneapolis Startribune and St. Paul Pioneer Press will clearly play a significant role in the Mexican PR program. As noted in the previous paragraph, the PR blitz is underway but few Americans will know who is behind the massive program, and its anti-American underpinnings. Americans would likely deeply resent such enormous interference by Mexico in their domestic government and policy decisions. The policies and practices they attempt to control are the most important decisions a sovereign nation can make —population growth, borders, and immigration.

According to Jose Luis Soberanes, head of Mexico's National Human Rights Commission, the PR is all part of a more aggressive mass-immigration stance on the part of Mexico. As he states, “it’s preferable to have a more demanding government, more confrontation with the United States” than sit idly as American citizens take control of their own immigration policies and practices. An example of the more aggressive open borders approach was in 2002 when CLUES begin the process of getting the Mexican Consulate at their St. Paul offices. More recently, CLUES instigated a “proactive approach in leadership, capacity building and innovation by creating associations with organizations that share CLUES vision.”49 A remainder of Governor Lamm’s “7 Ways to Destroy America”, evidently there is a three-prong U.S. PR attack strategy. First, because of their power and money —and that they can redirect funds from Americans to illegal and legal immigrants— the use of friendly and associated lawyers. Second, church groups, because they find them easy accomplices concerned with broad human issues, and notably Catholic (most illegal aliens are Catholic). The third prong is familiar; tax-deductible foundations and ethnic organizations channeling programs through a willing (or is it gullible?) media.

In addition to the obvious, CLUES set up a hotline for Spanish speakers and the Fredrikson & Byron law firm was contacted by CLUES to start a legal clinic. This effort was soon expanded to include the Minnesota Hispanic Bar Association, Volunteer Lawyers Network, Minnesota Justice Foundation, and Volunteer Attorney Program. At the same time an issues mini hotline began operating at the “Neighborhood House” Hispanic organization in St. Paul.”50 One all-encompassing goal of involving lawyers is to so overwhelm the American justice system that enforcement of immigration laws is either logistically impossible or will bankrupt the system. Under many current policies, it is also likely that state, federal, and foundation money will help pay for the breakdown of the legal system.

In an effort to stop H.R. 4437, a protest similar to that of 2003’s “Freedom Ride” is planned for February 2006. Stealing a theme name from American Black’s civil rights marches, illegal alien organizations are planning to conduct a “National March for Migrants” rights motorcade from San Diego to Washington. Gente Unida (People United) will pickup additional protestors as it crosses high immigration states in route. Their objective is obvious —to stop any action preventing illegal immigration. There is a significant financial threat to the immigration industry. Nonprofit organizations, for example, that provide day laborers work could be subject to criminal prosecution, jail sentences and fines of up to $50,000. Calling it a human rights matter, they stoop to using a patently absurd example of what HR-4437 causes, that of 16 Mexicans who died in a smugglers truck from heat exhaustion. The irony of their truly insensible and callus position is that HR-4437 will help stop smuggling. Mexicans, however, realize their actions are criminal and any consequences are avoided by obeying U.S. laws. Gente Unida is also collaborating with the La Voz De Aztlán Coalition attempting to counter and discredit The Minuteman Civil Defense Corp.

La Voz De Aztlán —and likely Gente Unida, La Raza, CLUES, et al— has also gotten the attention of the Department of Homeland Security. On December 23, 2005, four Secret Service agents arrived at the La Voz headquarters. They questioned the publisher and copied the hard disk —including its membership rolls. It is humorous to read how La Voz De Aztlán describes itself: “an internet news and information service.”51

Opponents of HR-4437 may have already achieved a significant part of their goal to neutralize HR 4437. A 123-mile long wall is being built east of San Luisto in the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument south of Ajo, Arizona. Unfortunately, the purpose is not to stop illegal aliens but to stop smugglers and drug traffickers from driving vehicles across the Mexico border into the U.S. Rather than a wall, the “fence” is made of 5 or 7 foot high beams spaced far enough apart to easily walk through.52

Framing the Agenda:  Process, Organizations and Foundations

The purpose of setting a framework is to limit possible outcomes to the immigration industry rather the American agenda. By not permitting American citizens to set the framework, it defines the process and under what terms immigration issues can be discussed. It is an ongoing public relations program conducted by the largest lobby groups in the U.S. except for the military-industrial complex; it may actually be larger! Throughout this paper are examples of its magnitude and program reach.

As indicated above and to follow, Mexico is actively recruiting U.S. church, community, and business groups to promote Mexican immigration interests and to oppose legislation, studies, articles, and individuals and organizations advocating immigration reduction or stopping illegal aliens. Resentment hurled at the recently passed HR-4437 mentioned earlier is a good example. Another example is the organized effort by the immigration industry against the Minnesota illegal alien costs study. One clear example discussed previously, is to connect Mexican illegal aliens (and legal immigrants) with policies and practices intended to bootstrap disadvantaged American citizens, regardless of race.

Delphi Technique53

Have you read a newspaper article, listened to a radio or TV personality, or participated in a conference or meeting where you felt the audience was being manipulated? There are public relations techniques for swaying participants to achieve apparent agreement on topics; it is unethical, especially when conducted by the media. The framework for delivering the message is instrumental in predetermining the outcome. The process preserves those in power, the immigration industry in this case, while giving the audience an illusion that there is democracy at work. Citizens are fooled into believing that their input is wanted and essential.

That citizens are excluded from decision making is clear from polling over many years (and illustrated near the opening of this paper). A startling example was the Minnesota League of Women Voter’s (LWV) “Changing Faces Changing Communities” program a few years ago promoting unlimited legal and illegal immigration —and heavily promoted by the Startribune. The “changing faces” approach has been expressed in a variety of similar programs almost every subsequent year. “Changing faces” is a theme running through numerous immigration industry programs. It is a clever form of media propaganda used as an accepted cliché, in logic, the Big Lie, to quietly plant the notion in the citizen mind that immigration is inevitable, has positive consequences, and not subject to change. K-12 schools and colleges are exceptionally vulnerable to this effort. Although not necessarily the case, if an immigration program is promoted in the Startribune and/or funded by the Minneapolis or St. Paul foundation, and CLUES, or ISAIAH are involved, one should be confident it is a part of a larger undertaking.

The sole purpose of the LWV program was consistent with the practices of CLUES, ISAIAH, HACER, La Raza, et al., —that of promoting a pre-ordained conclusion and taking those findings to the media and legislature to make illegal and legal immigration policy. The LWV program accomplished this by pre-selecting attendees (deliberately excluded average Minnesotans) and by following a well crafted script leading to a single conclusion. It should also be noted that at about the same time, the Startribune conducted its very similar “Changing Faces” series with Chief Editor Tim McGuire the contact person.54 The Minnesota LWV is currently having meetings promoting immigration and immigrant “rights”. A good illustration was evident February 9, 2006 in Rochester, MN. While stating they are encouraging public awareness of the immigration issue, the selected panelists all actively promoted unlimited immigration: a local immigrant “rights” group, a leader of the local Chamber of Commerce, and an immigration lawyer. Obviously, the Minnesota LWV attempted no deception having citizen involvement or reform organizations represented! One would have thought at a minimum, balanced viewpoints would have been represented. Clearly, the Minnesota League of Women Voters is a mass immigration associate operating under the pretext of public education.

Immigration promoters are a complex interlocking of associations, primarily Hispanic and religious, and possibly with the national La Raza and American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) at its core. It suggests two important developments. First, unknown to most policymakers and the public, public funds are directly and indirectly used to promote non-public political agendas. Second, there is a large number of tax exempt organizations deeply involved in promoting political activities regarding immigration in possible violation of IRS and Minnesota Department of Revenue regulations. These will likely include HACER, CLUES and ISAIAH. The Catholic Church is using its good offices vigorously trying to have Congress reconsider HR-4437 (and pass S.2611 amnesty legislation).

In other words, cloaking their motives and objectives in the language of religion, CLUES, ISAIAH, HACER, et al (and Startribune & Affiliates) seek to heavily influence, if not control, Minnesota immigration politics and legislation while denying genuine public discussion of the issue.

ISAIAH explains how American disadvantaged are given secondary consideration and provides an explanation for the deteriorating circumstances for Black Americans. Usurping the language of civil rights applied to American Blacks, “people of color”, they now give new meaning to its use, primarily meaning Hispanics, while either excluding Blacks or manipulating them as fronts for their purposes.

Major funding behind the effort are the Ford Foundation, PEW, New World Foundation, Tides Foundation, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Heartland Foundation, Kettering Foundation, Otto Bremer Foundation, Startribune Foundation, Minneapolis Foundation, St. Paul Foundation, and the General Mills Foundation. In previous years, local funding for La Raza came from the Startribune Foundation, Minneapolis Foundation, St. Paul Foundation, and the General Mills Foundation among others. Also, note that foundation funding is in addition to funding by common charities such as the United Way or corporations such as Honeywell, Wells Fargo, Firststar Bank, and Pillsbury. In addition, the State of Minnesota is directly involved with its Chicano Latino Affairs Council (CLAC) and its Institute of Public Health.  These organizations refuse to provide funding to U.S. population or immigration reform groups.

An egregious and recent example of manipulating the immigration agenda was the Minneapolis Foundation’s, “Shaping Minnesota’s Agenda on Immigration: A Community Conversation.”

Although following the identical script, the Minnesota League of Women Voter’s program previously discussed was less skillfully implemented. The Minneapolis Foundation’s title states its goal: to dictate Minnesota’s immigration agenda. The “community” they speak to is narrowly defined they made no attempt of going outside the “community” of the unlimited immigration industry. The public was not invited nor were immigration reduction proponents. Only leaders from “immigrant communities, government, business, nonprofits, and foundations were invited to shape a statewide immigration agenda.” Two participants are revealing examples: Jorge Saavedra, chief legal officer of Centro Legal and Ubah Shirwa, publisher of Haboon, a national Somali magazine. La Raza (“the race”), it should be noted, founded Centro Legal in 1973. Most of the other sponsors are well-known unlimited immigration activists, e.g., McKnight Foundation, The Saint Paul Foundation, Startribune Foundation, Greater Twin Cities United Way, Target Foundation, and Wells Fargo among others.55

Lawyers are —again— seen in pivotal roles. Major underwriting support for this program was provided by the Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi, L.L.P. Foundation for Education, Public Health, and Social Justice.56 The number of lawyers is by design. The immigration bar association influenced Congress to such an extent that Congress set up a sophisticated set of due-process rights for illegal aliens that immigration lawyers can be funded from while keeping illegal aliens in the country virtually indefinitely.57

A clear example of the unscrupulous nature of their approach was the statements by Austin Mayor Bonnie Reitz. She claimed the 1980’s Hormel strikes created the city’s problems and that it was the union replacement immigrants that remedied the problem. Another spokesperson said the Hormel Foundation donated $5 million to the city.

Another more perceptive view is that the Austin/Hormel company actually broke the union, compelled whole families to leave by significantly reducing wages and benefits, and then replaced union workers with cheap foreign labor, many of whom were illegal aliens. The $5 million went to build an immigrant labor facility assisting, encouraging, legal and illegal immigrants to come to the area and work for the company.58

What Minnesota and other groups would the Mexican Consulate work with or through?

CLUES, ISAIAH (with $510,000 from the McKnight Foundation, alone, over 2001-2004, they have ample funds. Note the overwhelming presence of the Minneapolis Startribune).59 HACER, Centro Legal (St. Paul), Catholic Charities, Migration and Refugee Services: Twin Cities, Centro de Derechos Laborales (Minneapolis), Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota, Refugee & Immigration Services Unit, Chicano Latino Affairs Council (CLAC, St. Paul), (CLAC, CLUES are La Raza affiliates in Minnesota), Academia Cesar Chavez Charter School (St. Paul), Aurora Charter School (Mpls.), El Colegio Charter School (Mpls.). (All three charter schools are affiliates of La Raza.), La Raza “The Race”, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Minnesota Foundation (Mpls., also a La Raza affiliate), American Jewish Committee (St. Paul), National Immigration Forum, AFL-CIO, American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), the big American Immigration Lawyer’s Association (AILA) and, possibility, an Hispanic activist group Voces de la Frontera.60

Each of these foundations support one or more of these organizations: the National Council of La Raza (the “race”), the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF), American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), National Immigration Forum (NIF), and the National Network for Immigration Rights and Reform (NNIRR). Local funding for La Raza (the “race”) has been from the Startribune Foundation, Minneapolis Foundation, St. Paul Foundation, and the General Mills Foundation and others.

An example of Voces de la Frontera at work recently occurred in Wisconsin. Wisconsin State Senator Cathy Stepp does not support the move to provide Wisconsin Driver’s license to illegal aliens. As a result, Voces de la Frontera, Senator Stepp wrote in a press release, “stormed my home”.61

Are Mexico and Vicente Fox Quesada Racists?

“Vicente Fox Quesada” is his given name. In May of 2005, in defending his illegal aliens and immigration position, El Presidente Vicente Fox exclaimed Mexicans were willing to take jobs “that not even Blacks want to do in the United States.”62

To put it mildly, that statement is deeply insulting. The statement was a cheap attempt at discrediting Black American workers with the purpose that they be replaced with legal and mostly illegal Mexican immigrants. Also printed in 2005, Mexico issued a series of stamps depicting Blacks in stereotypical scenes characteristic of racist periods. Figure 14 is an example. The response of the immigration industry, spokesmen for Blacks, and politicians was silence.

Figure 14: Mexican Stamp
AP photo of Mexican Post Stamp

See the state study  "The Impact of Illegal Immigration on Minnesota" here.
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