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Stances of Various Environmental Groups on Overpopulation and Immigration.*

April 2003

Does the Group . . .
  Acknowledge that population growth is a problem? Specifically address U.S. population growth? Acknowledge immigrationís role in U.S. population growth? Take a stance on immigration reduction?
American Forests Yes No No No
Audubon Society Yes Yes Yes No
Californians for Population Stabilization Yes Yes Yes Yes
Conservation International Yes No No No
Defenders of Wildlife No No No No
Environmental Defense Fund Yes No No No
Friends of the Earth USA No No No No
Greenpeace No No No No
Izaak Walton League of America Yes No No No
National Environmental Trust No No No No
National Wildlife Federation Yes Yes No No
Natural Resources Defense Council Yes No No No
The Nature Conservancy No No No No
Negative Population Growth (NPG) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Northwest Environment Watch Yes Yes Yes Yes
Population Connection (formerly ZPG) Yes Yes No No
Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) No No No No
Sierra Club Yes Yes No No
The Wilderness Society No No No No
World Wildlife Fund Yes Yes Yes No
Worldwatch Institute Yes No No No

* "How do Environmental Groups Rank Regarding Immigration?"
April 2003
Courtesy of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).
See original at < http://www.fairus.org/ImmigrationIssueCenters/ >.



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