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Sustainable Society:  A society that balances the environment, other life forms, and human interactions over an indefinite time period.







    United States Immigration: Determining Issues & Policy

Immigration is the largest component of U.S. population growth and in the near future, will become the sole source of U.S. population growth. The data and graph in the section on U.S. population growth illustrates this fact.

Immigration is also a considerable growth factor in Canada and in Australia. The issues surrounding immigration in those nations are, in the main, not different from those in the U.S.

Thus, whatever the consequences of population growth to a sustainable society, a policy of sustainability must address immigration issues.

In addition to the growth issues, immigration can be the addition of foreign groups different from the make-up of the current nation and may impact domestic citizens in a variety of ways. In that regard, additional sets of issues are raised.

The issues surrounding growth are found throughout this Website, including this section.

This section also includes issues unique to immigration.

Analysis of S-2611 Senate Amnesty Bill
The Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus: Agenda
How the Mexican constitution treats foreign residents, workers and naturalized citizens
Rep. Tancredo's Congressional Immigration Reform Plan
The Impact of Illegal Immigration on Minnesota
The Impact of Illegal Immigration on Minnesota: Part II Dell Erickson
Special Investigation: Homeland Security & U.S. Southern Border
Booklet: Common Sense on Mass Immigration
Environmental Impact of U.S. Immigration
Minnesota Coalition For Immigration Reduction
Minnesota Delegation: Immigration Voting Records
Grading Congress: Population, Sprawl, & Immigration
Sustainability Ethics & Zero Immigration
Immigration: Newspaper & Media Reporting
The Minutemen Song
Center for Immigration Studies: Immigration Studies
Republican Conditions for Immigration Reform
Mass Immigration -- It's Effect on Our Culture
Canadian View: Multiculturalism and the Terror Attacks in London
Costs of Educating Legal & Illegal Immigrants
Paris Burning: How Empires End
Time to Re-think Immigration
The Mexican Fifth Column
Immigration Issues and Petition
Economic Impact of Latinos in Southern Minnesota Study
Borders & Potential Influenza Pandemics
Citizen Ballot Initiative & Referendums
Book Report: Open Borders, Open Wounds, Tom Tancredo
HJ-53: Representatives Apportioned by Citizens
MEChA: Chicano Group Denied Funding
La Raza Funders
La Raza Corporate Board of Advisors
Nation of Aztlan: Reconquista
Audios & Films of Pro-Immigration Advocates
Congressional Testimony
Excerpts from Section 8 USC 1324 Law Regarding Hiring of Illegal Aliens
Proposed State Model State Fair & Legal Immigration Employment Act
The Case Against Immigration, Chapter 8: Blacks, the past
The Case Against Immigration, Chapter 9: Blacks, the present
U.S. Population Growth & Immigration: Part 1 of 3
U.S. Population Growth & Immigration: Part 2 of 3
U.S. Population Growth & Immigration: Part 3 of 3 -Notes
Multicultarism Capturing America
Stances of U.S. Environmental Groups on Population and Immigration
Case for Reducing U.S. Immigration to 100,000 Yearly
Congressional Letter to President Bush Regarding Vicente Fox
Bush Amnesty: Kiss America Goodby
Immigration: Increasing Poverty
Immigration: Costs Economy & American Workers
Book: Heaven's Door After Thoughts
Immigration: L-1 Visa Dispossing American Workers
Illegals & In-State Tuition
California Energy Crisis & Immigration
Citizenship by Birth?
Hamdi: The Case Against Birthright Citizenship
Social Security & Population Growth
Creation of the Greatest Generation
Duel Citizenship
Population, Immigration, and Global Ethics
Reply to HACER Report: Undocumented Workers Not Needed in Minnesota
Illegal Aliens and American Medicine
Study: Uncompensated Emergency Medical Care Along the Southwest Border
Minnesota Immigration Poll October 1999
The Mavens View of the Wall Street Journal
Illegal Alien Sanctuary Policies
Matricula ID Cards
Assilimation, Islam in France: The French Way of Life is in Danger
Holland, Muslims & Diversity
Mexico: Human Rights Study
Contacting Authorities

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