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The following letter was presented to Mayor Will Toor and City Council of Boulder, Colorado at the
November 19, 2002 City Council meeting.


November 19, 2002

The Honorable Will Toor, Mayor & City Council
City of Boulder, City Hall, Boulder, Colorado

Dear Mayor Toor and City Council:

This letter serves to inform you that we Citizens who live in Boulder County believe that if you, and/or other Boulder governmental officials, employees or entities, accept as valid, legitimate identification the Mexican government's "matricula consular" identification card for Mexican nationals —including illegal aliens— in the United States, you may be violating federal law, including certain criminal statutes. Your actions may possibly put you, and elected and appointed officials, and public servants, in legal jeopardy both personally and professionally.

If you pursue this course of action, we believe you may be violating certain provisions of the United States Code, infringing upon federal authority to set immigration and foreign policy. Accordingly, if you order that the Mexican ID card be accepted as valid identification by Boulder governmental entities and public servants, or if any of these governmental entities or public servants choose to accept this card as valid ID, we intend to file complaints within 30 days with the appropriate authorities, including the U.S. Attorney for the District of Colorado and the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS).

Beyond these legal considerations, we believe that if you and/or members of the City Council order, or if Boulder governmental entities, employees, elected/appointed officials and related agencies opt to accept a foreign government's documents as legal and valid identification, such actions would be reckless and arbitrary —and likely to endanger the health, safety and welfare of U.S. nationals in Boulder. We therefore ask that you consider your decision very carefully before taking any such action.


Terry Graham
Sandra Lynn
Charles L. King
Bunny Wilson
Frosty Wooldridge

cc: Michael M. Comfort, District Director, Immigration and Naturalization Service
John W. Suthers, U.S. Attorney, District of Colorado
Thomas Eldridge, Deputy Mayor, City of Boulder
Boulder City Council - Dan Corsin, Spence Havlick, Don Mock, Lisa Morzel, Francoise Poinsatte, Gordon Riggle, Mark Ruzzin
U.S. Senator Wayne Allard
U.S. Senator Ben Campbell
U.S Congressman Mark Udall
U.S. Congressman Tom Tancredo
Boulder City Attorney, Joseph de Raifmef
Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner
Boulder County Commissioners - Jana Mendez, Paul Danish, Ron Stewart
Boulder Sheriff Joe Pelle
CO Sen. Joan Fitz-Gerald
CO Sen. Terry Phillips
CO Sen. Ron Tupa
CO Rep. Alice Madden
CO Rep. Tom Plant
CO Pam Rhodes
CO Rep. Pam Rhodes
CO Paul Weisman
CO Rep. Bill Swenson
Richard D. Lamm
Gov. Bill Owens
Various others
* Courtesy of CAIR, Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform.
See original at < http://www.cairco.org/matricula/boulder_letter_2002nov19.html >.


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