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Sustainable Society:  A society that balances the environment, other life forms, and human interactions over an indefinite time period.









WHEREAS many of the conflicts in the State of Oregon and local jurisdictions arising from diverse approaches and philosophies regarding natural resource use, property rights, education, crime, housing, employment, water and land use and development are magnified or indirectly affected by pressures brought to bear by a growing population; and

WHEREAS our state is not alone in its struggle to cope with population growth; and

WHEREAS no single state is in a position to determine national policy regarding population, nor can any state formulate its own policy apart from national concerns; and

WHEREAS the United States does not now have a comprehensive population policy designed to achieve a secure future, nor does the Federal Government have a deliberative body dedicated to serious debate or implementation of a plan of action regarding the impact of population on our future; and

WHEREAS proponents of a National Optimum Population Commission propose that such commission be appointed by the Vice President of the United States to analyze and debate the question "What is our optimum population?"; and

WHEREAS after a three to five-year period of gathering information, the commission would summarize its findings and propose noncoercive educational, legislative and public policy initiatives to place the United States on the path, during a transition period lasting from 100 to 125 years, toward achieving an optimum sustainable population;


BE IT RESOLVED by the City of Ashland that we, the members of the City Council, endorse the proposal to form a National Optimum Population Commission.

This resolution was read by title only in accordance with the Ashland Municipal Code 2.04.090 and duly PASSED and ADOPTED this _21st_ day of _March_ 1995.

[ --------------- ]

Signed: Barbara M. Christensen, City Recorder [CITY OF ASHLAND]

[ ]


SIGNED and APPROVED this _23rd_ day of _March_ 1995. [ S E A L ]

[ ]

Signed: Don Laws, Acting Chairperson [ OREGON ]


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