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Sustainable Society:  A society that balances the environment, other life forms, and human interactions over an indefinite time period.








2006 Conference

October 25-27, 2006



Goals of ASPO

  • To catalyze a broad and responsible public discussion of Peak Oil projections, repercussions and mitigating actions by opinion leaders in all sectors at all levels; and
  • To  build an informed and active community throughout the US that seeks to learn more about the challenges posed by Peak Oil while also promoting and implementing proactive measures today that will minimize economic disruption in the future.

Key Messages


Key Contacts

Steve Andrews, Co-Founder
Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas- USA
Tel:  303-759-1998

Randy Udall, Director
Community Office for Resource Efficiency
Tel:  970-544-9808

Original announcement and more information at < http://www.aspo-usa.com/fall2005/ >.


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