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What's Wrong With Having An England?

Paul Craig Roberts
December 2000


There won't always be an England or a United States. Both are already fading, not from military conquest but from their own immigration policy.

Demographers have calculated that by the end of this century the English people will be a minority in their homeland. The English are not having enough children to reproduce themselves. In contrast, the ''people of color'' who have flooded into England have a high fertility rate. Non- whites will comprise a majority of the population of London in just nine years.

It is amazing how fast it is happening. Half a century ago there were a few tens of thousands of non-whites in the entirety of Great Britain. In another half century there will be the beginnings of a black government. What will be the fate of the white minority after decades of being demonized as ''white racists'' by their own kind at Oxford, Cambridge, and the University of London?

The English may be finished as a people, but they still have twice as long as American whites. Demographers predict that whites will comprise a minority of the U.S. population by mid-century. It has already happened in California and in many cities.

Like the English, American whites are failing to reproduce. More than 42 percent of American women of child-bearing age are childless. The figure is rising as gender quotas and the breakdown of marriage and family pull more white women into career paths that don't lead to children.

Examining the situation, the London Observer said that this is ''the first time in history that a major indigenous population has voluntarily become a minority, rather than through war, famine or disease.''

It is amazing that the two most important and powerful countries of the past two centuries have legislated their own path to extinction. But it is astounding that it is occurring in the same two countries where intellectuals prattle on endlessly about the need for diversity. There are many more non-white countries than white ones, yet, it is the white ones that are slated to disappear.

What's wrong with having an England? What a colorful land and unique place! What character and genius! The cradle of the rule of law and representative democracy! The font of the scientific and technological revolutions! It is absurd to think these accomplishments are happenstance unrelated to Englishness. Do we really need another black country, another India, or a mixture of the two? Why can't we keep England English for diversity's sake?

And the United States. What other country has such a strong sense of right and wrong, and such determination to see justice done all over the world? Who but the United States sends its treasure, not as tribute to the powerful but as gifts to the poor? What other country sends its troops to stop genocides and wars in foreign lands? Central and South America are full of Hispanic populations. Do we really need another one here?

What is it that compels the United States and England to destroy themselves with an immigration policy designed to replace the indigenous population with different racial stock? In these two lands agitators fight to preserve every wetlands weed, sand fly and snail darter. What's wrong with preserving England and America?

People had better give this some thought, because the decision won't be theirs to make for much longer.

The 21st century may bring the extinction of white populations. Confined to a small area of the world, white populations are everywhere in decline. Italy, once a fecund Catholic nation where a large family was everything, has such a low birth rate that its population is declining. Everywhere else in Europe birth rates have fallen below replacement rates. European governments open the borders to Third World immigrants in order to keep a tax base for the expensive social welfare systems that have crowded children out of the household budget of the indigenous population. Canada also is well on her way to becoming a Third World country.

Russia, too, has a declining population reeling from environmental and economic destruction after 75 years of communist rule. Pressed on her eastern and southern borders by Asiatic populations, Russia is slowly retreating from her empire.

In the far Pacific, two island nations, New Zealand and Australia, hang on to an exported British culture. Perhaps they will be preserved, like the Galapagos Islands, as a place where creatures reside who have disappeared elsewhere.

[Editor's Note Australia is not exempt from the cultural changes that Britain and the United States are undergoing. A special issue of The Social Contract (Vol. VIII, No.2, Winter 1997-98) considered ''Australia's Identity Crisis'' in which several Australian writers illuminated the push toward multiculturalism and the ultimate ''Asianization'' of that continent.]

Paul Craig Roberts, Ph.D., is a syndicated columnist. (c) 2000 by Creators Syndicate. Reprinted by permission.
* Used with permission of The Social Contract Press.
The Social Contract, Winter 2000
See original at < http://www.thesocialcontract.com/cgi-bin/showarticle.pl?articleID=936&terms= >.

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