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Sustainable Society:  A society that balances the environment, other life forms, and human interactions over an indefinite time period.







Population And The American Future

The Report Of The Commission On Population Growth And The American Future

John D. Rockefeller 3rd, Chairman
March 27, 1972


Table of Contents

Letter of Transmittal
The Commission
Commission Staff


Chapter 1. Perspective on Population
Chapter 2. Population Growth
Chapter 3. Population Distribution
Chapter 4. The Economy
Chapter 5. Resources and the Environment
Chapter 6. Government
Chapter 7. Social Aspects
Chapter 8. Population and Public Policy
Chapter 9. Education
Chapter 10. The Status of Children and Women
Chapter 11. Human Reproduction
Chapter 12. Population Stabilization
Chapter 13. Immigration
Chapter 14. National Distribution and Migration Policies
Chapter 15. Population Statistics and Research.
Chapter 16. Organizational Changes

Compilation of Recommendations
Separate Statements


Table 2.1 Demographic Perspective of 20th Century United States
Table 3.1 Metropolitan Population by Size Class, 1970
Table 3.2 Residential Location and Preferences, 1971
Table 7.1 Age Distributions, 1970 and 2000
Table 9.1 The Total Cost of a Child, 1969
Table 11.1 Unwanted Fertility in the
United States, 1970


Figure 2.1 Total Fertility Rate
Figure 2.2 The Momentum of Population Growth
Figure 2.3 U.S. Population: 2 vs. 3-Child Family
Figure 3.1 Percent of Population in Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas by States: 1970
Figure 3.2 Percent of Change in Total Population by Counties: 1960 to 1970
Figure 3.3 Urban Regions: Year 2000
Figure 3.4 The Expanding Area of Urban Regions
Figure 5.1 Regional Water Deficits
Figure 5.2 Water Deficit Regions: 3-Child Family
Figure 5.3 Hydrocarbon Emissions
Figure 6.1 Changes in Congressional Representation by States: 1960 to 1970
Figure 7.1 Age Distribution
Figure 7.2 Persons 65 and Over

Figure 7.3 Population Density by Counties: 1970

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