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Sustainable Society:  A society that balances the environment, other life forms, and human interactions over an indefinite time period.








This section provides information intended to help students (and their teachers) in class and in life.

Good writing is a learned skill everyone can achieve. Many students make the process overly difficult.

Most frequently, writing is little different from speaking. In other words, generally write as if you were speaking to someone. The key difference is that the author has the opportunity to organize the material and structure sentences to better convey the message.

The items presented will assist students writing at every level to appreciate the process, learn writing techniques, and learn methods to review and edit their work.

In addition to writing guidelines, thinking logically, detecting logical errors, distinguishing between genuine information and attempts to mislead the reader are presented.

Finally, if an individual feels wronged by a media (e.g., Letter to the Editor refused), complaint sources and a grievance procedure is given. A list of Minnesota and national media is presented.

How to Prejudge the Effectiveness of Your Letter
Writing and Editing Tips
Punctuation Guidelines
Critical Reading & Writing
Writing Letters to the Editor
Writing Webpages
Writing Webpages: Strategies
Logical Fallacies with References
Discovering Dis/Mis-information
Scientific Method vs. Correlation
Speaking & Writing Politics
Minnesota & National Media
Form for Filing Newspaper Grevience

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