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U.S. Sustainable Population Policy Project (USS3P)


February 11, 2000


As many people know, what we do in the U.S. affects all other countries, especially the effect of our incredible consumption levels. Many experts in the population field also believe that adopting a U.S. policy would give those involved in international family planning, more credibility in encouraging other countries to do the same. We need to educate our citizens that overpopulation is not just a third world problem.

The major focus of USS3P is a national dialogue on population, sustainability, and all aspects thereof. It is unique in that it is not a one-time conference, but a five-step process, starting with education--a national conversation with town meetings and focus groups--that there must be a change in the direction we are going (with irrefutable facts). If we get as far as a U.S. population policy, well and good. But if that proves impossible, we will at least have succeeded in creating more awareness of the critical problems of today and set about changes that must occur. As the title of the recent 1999 National Town Meeting of the Presidents Council on Sustainable Development, "The New American Dream", would suggest, the old one has created considerable problems for the planet that is now becoming more evident each day, such as global warming and melting of the polar icecaps in Greenland and elsewhere. Urban sprawl and traffic congestion is on everyone's mind these days.

As you will note from the list of USS3P cosponsors, supporters and advisors at the end of the Summary, we do have the attention and the interest of many experts, key people, and NGO's, and we are gaining more each month. To date, we believe we are the only organization that has a solid plan of action in place to deal with the U.S. population issue, with a good chance of success.

The following Summary of the USS3P initiative contains selections from the cover letter and a revised (October '98) 15 pg. planning document. If you have read the document earlier, you will find the latest revision contains more on women's issues, and a greater focus on a national dialogue. We would be happy to send this document to anyone on request. Fifteen organizations endorsed the project during 1998, as well as nine more advisory committee members and several individual supporters.

Considering the impact on the world's environment by U.S. overpopulation and overconsumption, we believe the initiation of a national conversation on all aspects of the issue to be a matter of the utmost priority. We need everyone's cooperation in this effort and invite your organization to become a cosponsor.

Carole Wilmoth
Executive Committee, USS3P


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