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Sustainable Society:  A society that balances the environment, other life forms, and human interactions over an indefinite time period.








The power of the wind is frequently promoted as a renewable, non-polluting, and economic source of energy and heavily promoted in Minnesota and a number or other states (and in several foreign countries).

This section presents information evaluating the claimed benefits and problems associated with windpower.

After studying the issues, the position of MFS is that windpower is generally counter productive to a successful energy policy but has regional and limited application.

If a visitor is aware of other robust windpower studies that can be recommended for inclusion, please send to the editor (if possible, no .pdf files, please).

Windpower: Minnesota Statue & Rules
The True Cost of Electricity from Wind Power
The Case Against Windfarms
Wind Energy Money & Wealth Transfers
Net Energy from Windpower
Windpower Cannot Replace Oil in Producing Electricity
Big Money Discovers Money in Windpower
Windpower Study: West Virginia Part 1 of 2
Windpower Study: West Virginia Part 2 of 2
Wisconsin Windpower Study
Minnesota's Energy Future: Evaluating Windpower Part 1 of 3
Minnesota's Energy Future: Evaluating Windpower, Part 2 of 3
Minnesota's Energy Future: Evaluating Windpower, Part 3 of 3
Washington State Windpower Study
Windpower: False Promises: Essay & Discussion
Assessing the Impact of Windpower on National Reliability with Discussion

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