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Sustainable Society:  A society that balances the environment, other life forms, and human interactions over an indefinite time period.







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The purpose of Minnesotans For Sustainability is to provide information to assist in thoughtful reflection and in preparing decisions encouraging a sustainable Minnesota and United States. Not specific to Minnesota, almost all of the information presented is national and international in scope.

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Website Organization Outline

  • September 11, 2001: Always in our hearts.

  • Students:  Not only for students, this section contains writing guidelines, approaches to thinking logically, detecting logical errors, and evaluating information. Evaluating the media, sources for registering media complaints, and a procedure is given. A list of Minnesota and national media is offered.

  • Finding an approach to sustainability:  Choosing model nations for achieving sustainability.

  • A general assessment of resources:  Focusing on the Midwest. A proposed Constitutional Amendment regarding a sustainable environment is given.

  • CUSP EnviroScore:  Determining a suitable approach and measuring the environmental voting records of Congress, specifically the Minnesota Delegation, is the Congressional Environmental Scorecard.

  • Sustainability authors:  A convenient list of authors and some of their writings. Note that many authors of works on this Website are not individually listed.

  • Wetlands:  Information of the role and importance of these systems.

  • Global Water Cycle:  Water, wetlands; includes material on climate change.

  • Energy:  Energy is the essence of sustainability. The relationships with sustainability are described. This is a big section dealing with the primary energy resources such as fossil fuels and their reserves, nuclear, and alternative energies such as ethanol, hydrogen, and windpower.

  • Polling: Environmental, population and immigration polls and related studies.

  • Climate Change:  Materials related to climate change with material specific to Minnesota are available.

  • Media:  The function of the media is to inform; to enable society to make wise decisions. Items describing how their functions are not being performed are presented.

  • All-Terrain Vehicles:  Environmental consequences of ATV's, OHV's, off-road motorcycles, and mountain bikes are examined.

  • Population:  Population is the critical component of the Holdren-Ehrlich I = PAT sustainability formula. Thus, a substantial population section is presented. The United States is featured, however, growth and issues related to Minnesota, California, and Florida are included. World population and Australia, Canada, England are included  Proposed United States population policies are presented. A comprehensive United States immigration section includes Congressional Testimony, numerous studies, and materials describing immigration’s role in U.S. population growth, sustainability, economics and culture.

  • Bioethics, environmental ethics:  Ethics and natural values is the subject of several items on the Website, here and in several other areas.

  • The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in northern Minnesota is the heart of the nation’s Wilderness system. Congressional Testimony and the wilderness characteristics of the BWCA are offered.

  • Wolves and the Big Cats:  Predators play a significant role in maintaining ecosystem balance and may indicate regional sustainability.

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In Our Hearts: September 11, 2001
Model Sustainable Nations: Selecting Criteria
America's Northern Plains: An Overview and Assessment of Natural Resources
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Global Water Cycle Study
Polling: Environment, Population & Immigration
Climate Change
All Terrain Vehicles
Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness
Wolves and Natural Systems
The Big Cats

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