Minnesota's Energy Future?

Dell Erickson

Minneapolis, MN
October 20, 2003

Part II:  Energy &  Resources
Table of Contents

Due to its length, Part II is separated into two sections:

Part II-A:
The Olduvai Theory & Resources
The Olduvai Process and Peaking
Oil, the U.S. Dollar & Economics
US-Dollar vs. the Euro & U.S. Economic Security
Food & Oil
Securing Oil Resources
Afghanistan & Iraq Region

Part II-B:
Natural Gas
Decline & Depletion: A Sisyphean Race
Blackout of August 2003
Storage & the U.S. Winter of 2003 2004
Deepwater Oil & Gas: Gulf of Mexico
Oh! Canada?
Canadian Tar Sands
Canada & United States Oil Shales
Natural Gas, ANWR & LNG
Chevron Texaco Confirmation
Pricing Economics


Nuclear Energy
Used with permission of Dell Erickson
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