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Immigration Poll*

1st Minnesota Congressional District

October 1999



Questions asked:

1.) Do you feel the number of legal immigrants should be cut?

(1)  Yes  (2)  No

2.) What should be done with illegal immigrants?

(1)  Let them stay.  (2)  Send them home.

3.) Should English be our national language?

(1)  Yes  (2)  No

4.) Do you think congress should give amnesty to any group or groups of illegal immigrants now living in the U.S.?

(1)  Yes  (2)  No


Poll Results


Q #1

Q #2

Q #3

Q #4


Choice # 1

Choice # 2

Choice # 1

Choice # 2

Albert Lea
















Overwhelming numbers of area residents indicate substantial concern with current immigration policies.  The residents of these three southeastern Minnesota cities have little enthusiasm for illegal migration, in large numbers believing they should be returned to their homelands.  Of special significance is the support for English language legislation.  The statistically significant reduction in lack of support of a "no amnesty" position in Rochester may be due to the large number of immigrants in the area.  Further investigation would be required to determine the number of illegal aliens in the area and included in the poll.  The poll demonstrates that Minnesota respondents are consistent with national polls repeated over previous years demonstrating that substantial numbers of U.S. residents would prefer significantly reduced or no immigration.

The conclusion evident from the poll is that the state legislature and the Congress appear to be out of touch with local citizens.

The poll suggests that Minnesotan's would support HR 73 (granting citizenship only to babies of citizens and lawful residents), English language legislation, and HR 41, an immigration moratorium.

* The poll was conducted by Paul Westrum & Associates by telephoning 900 area residents during February 17 & 18, 1999 in Austin, September 8, 1999 in Albert Lea, and October 6 - 8, 1999 in Rochester, Minnesota.

The current poll follows a similar poll taken in the 2nd Congressional District the preceding month.
Used with permission of Paul Westrum & Associates, Albert Lea, Minnesota

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